Protect, strength and integrity are the hallmarks of PIC’s jacketing systems that set the industry standard for functionality, ways of use, and dependability.  Impact resistance, attractive high gloss finish, and unsurpassed toughness are just some of the advantages that PIC’s jacketing systems offer.
Its resistance to corrosion and abrasion ensure long life and minimal maintenance requirements, which translates into reduced costs overall.  It is highly resistant to denting, tearing, and cracking that is caused by physical and mechanical abuse.  In addition PIC’s jacketing has excellent low-flame-spread qualities, does not support combustion, and can be hermetically sealed by applying PIC’s welding adhesive.  It is lightweight and comes in preformed shapes and diameters resulting in reduced installation costs.
  • Short Radius
    Short Radius
  • Mechanical Grooved
    Mechanical Grooved
  • T's
  • Caps
  • Panels
  • Cut and Curl
    Cut and Curl
  • Accessories
Our system’s distinct characteristics and various thicknesses are ideally suited to a wide range of application.  Commercial and industrial plants such as chemical, petroleum, food, beverage, water, wastewater, pulp/paper, marine, power generating, pharmaceutical, general manufacturing, solar power, and semiconductor clean rooms are only some examples of PIC’s jacketing systems versatility.

PIC’s jacketing comes in white and eighteen additional colors.* Our jacketing systems maintain their integrity, even in the most adverse environments that would cause other systems to fail.  PIC’s white jacketing is UV stabilized to resits ultraviolet rays and weather, making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.  Our color jacketing is for indoor applications only, enabling color-coding of lines for easy maintenance and increased safety.

*All colors, except white, are for indoor use only.
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