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Quality & value since 1981

Impact resistance, attractive high gloss finish, and unsurpassed toughness are just some of the advantages that PIC’s jacketing systems offer.

About our company

PIC Plastics Inc. is a premium supplier of PVC pipe covering serving a broad range of industries including cold storage, food processing and commercial buildings. From our facilities in Southwestern Missouri, PIC Plastics serves the entire country and beyond with superior customer service and industry-leading order turnaround times.

With a proven track record of service, we are committed to serving the insulation industry. Our success depends on helping you succeed in a competitive, time sensitive industry. We look forward to providing you top quality PVC pipe covering and accessories.

Maintenance free

With no coatings to peel or blister, our jacketing gives you years of economical, maintenance-free service. Plus, they maintain their shape, even after impact.

Engineered for safety

Our materials are self-extinguishing with zero fuel contribution. They’re electrically safe and non-conductive. When installed properly, they meet USDA and FDA standards.

More exacting fit

All PIC Series pipe insulation jacketings are formed to the outside diameter and shape of your insulation system. Pipe cover jacketing is available in two thicknesses and fittings have hundreds of size shape configurations.

Long lasting quality

Our products are UV resistant, impact resistant, and hold up under physical and mechanical abuse. They can withstand multiple washings and resist heat or cold transfer for extra insulation value.

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