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PIC Plastics cut and curl jacketing

Jacketing — Cut and Curl

Jacketing is precut and curled to precise tolerances. Comes in 4-foot lengths.

PIC Plastics short radius fittings, 90 degrees, 45 degrees

Short Radius 90s and 45s

Sealed with PIC welding adhesive for easy installation and neat appearance. 

PIC Plastics long radius fittings

Long Radius Fittings

115 different sizes available, each made for a specific pipe/insulation combo.

PIC Plastics tee

Tees and Valve Covers

White fittings are high-gloss E-84 approved low smoke and UV stabilized.

PIC Plastics caps


Round caps, half caps, and reducing caps to match most pipe dimensions.

PIC Plastics severe duty fitting

Severe Duty Fittings

Thicker, stronger, more durable due to plastic 30% thicker than standard.

PIC Plastics unassembled fittings

Unassembled Fittings

Great for odd configurations and when you need more flexibilty.

PIC Plastics mechanical fitting

Mechanical Fittings

Step-downs to fit .5-inch, 1-inch, 1.5-inch, or 2-inch insulation.

PIC Plastics lateral Y and cross

Lateral Ys and Crosses

Use for common piping, Y strainers, starting points, and many custom applications.

PIC Plastics solid drain line fitting

Solid Drain Line Fittings

Encloses the P-trap portion of drains, easily customizable to your intake and outlet.

PIC Plastics rod covers and threaded fittings

Rod Cover & Threaded Fittings

Cover small rods, hangers, or conduits. Fittings with step down for easy overlap.

PIC Plastics corrugated panel

Corrugated Tank Panels

Corrugations add vertical integrity for easy install and appearance.

PIC Plastics right angles

Right Angles

Both curved and straight options to finish projects with a neat appearance.

PIC Plastics flange cover

Flange Covers

Fits standard 150-pound flanges. Generous legs on step-downs.

PIC Plastics cut and curl roll


Available in flatstock or tempered rollstock to maintain curl.

PIC Plastics sheets


Custom made to exact specifications. Use for hundreds of applications.

PIC Plastics accessories


Finest welding adhesive in the industry. Heavy duty metal applicator guns.

Available in 18 colors

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